Choices on Your Way to Greater Freedom

The International School of Exorcism and the Advanced Academy of Deliverance are online and ready for your enrollment. The College of Apologetics and Demonology will release Fall 2022. Special discounts are available for early enrollment in the College and for enrolling in all five University departments.


International School of Exorcism

The fundamentals of deliverance and exorcism; thirty courses teaching church history, biblical exorcism, curse breaking, Catholic exorcism, inner healing, dissociative disorder, angelology, and how to perform an exorcism.


Advanced Academy of Deliverance

State-of-the-art training in soul ties, demonic strategies, genealogical demonization, and how to detect unusual demons.


College of Apologetics and Demonology

Introduction to demonology, cultural demonic portals, psychology and demonology, anthropology and demonology, and apologetic response to world religions.


Institute of Supernatural Studies

21st century supernaturalism, epistemological analysis of miracles, the miracle of exorcism, the supernatural of Satan, demonic supernaturalism examined, authority over evil, work and person of the Holy Spirit.


Seminary of Spiritual Warfare

Biblical view of demonization, forensic determination of
possession, the Western church and demonic activity, 21st century possession, recognizing the imprint of evil.

Coming soon!


Post-Graduate Programs

Residential training, internship and clinical preparation, personal mentoring by Dr. Larson, credentialing including ordination.

Coming soon!