About Bob Larson University

No major evangelical seminary in America offers theological and practical training in deliverance and exorcism. The goal of seeing deliverance gain widespread acceptance can only be achieved by a scripturally sound, scholarly approach to the subject. The times in which we live demand it. That is why Dr. Bob Larson launched the International School of Exorcism (ISE) a decade ago. Thousands of graduates in more than sixty countries now effectively continue this work of spiritual warfare. (ISE is also available in the Russian language.)

Dr. Larson has a vision from the Lord to take this knowledge and training to an unprecedented level of spiritual education with the Bob Larson University of Exorcism (BLU). This online institution is more than a series of teachings on deliverance. BLU is an academically formatted educational plan of study that takes the ministry of freedom from demonic bondage to a level never achieved in church history. Its multidenominational approach prepares students for true Kingdom ministry in spiritual warfare.

BLU combines theological reflection with practical knowledge of setting the captives free. Whether or not students enter the deliverance ministry, they will spiritually flourish because of this training. The core sequence of courses will lead every student to a practical transformation by the Holy Spirit. Humbly and boldly, Dr. Bob Larson has a mission to teach future generations how to get free, stay free, and live free.