About the new platform

Student access is still being migrated to the new platform and should be complete by November 16. If you are a current student, please wait to receive confirmation and login instructions.

Bob Larson University is proud to introduce a new home for our departments and coursework. All current departments have been migrated to Kajabi, an online learning platform, and all future departments will be available there. Kajabi offers a better experience for students and faculty and will allow Bob Larson University to continue to grow and thrive.

All departments that students currently have access to on the old platform will receive access to the same departments on the new platform. All current students will receive access to the new platform and should receive an email from Kajabi with new login information. If you have not received an email to access your department on Kajabi, please email us at [email protected].

However, it is not possible to migrate your progress from our previous platform to the new one. Therefore, we recommend the following:

If you are a student currently in progress:

We recommend continuing to use the old website which will remain accessible and usable while students complete active courses.

If you are a student that has completed a course:

You will be able to continue to other departments without needing to retake any material you have completed. You will have access to previous course materials, but you’ll have to restart them. Retaken quizzes will not be recounted but are still necessary to progress.

If you are a student that hasn’t started:

Please start your progress on the new site.

Getting Access

All current students should receive at least two emails. One email will confirm that your account have been set up for you and will provide login information. Then, you should receive emails confirming access for each department you are a student of.

If you do not see these emails, please check the spam filter of your email service provider. Additionally, it is recommended to add “[email protected]” to your contacts as a safe address.

If you are unable to locate the emails, please reach out to [email protected] for support.